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Dawn’s View: Separate Business and Personal on Facebook

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I have talked a great deal about Facebook and the benefits of being able to separate your business connections from your personal connections. The biggest benefit comes from being able to still connect with  your real world friends.

When I first started in Facebook before pages became the “thing” to have I used my personal page for all my business and personal postings, boy did some of my real world friends get bored with me. It’s not that they aren’t supportive of me, but they are on Facebook and connected to me for a very different reason than the hear about I can help them grow a business they don’t even have.

Now that I have a Facebook Page for my business I can talk business there and save my personal page for personal updates. Some of my connections still are intertwined, but now when you are looking to see what I have been up to you can check my personal page – if you are looking to see what is new in social media and what I am doing with my business you can check here http://facebook.com/socialmediamarketingvitrtualassistant.


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