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Bye, Bye, Google Wave

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Unlike many of the newest social media tools online that everyone seems to be excited about, there weren’t many who decided to catch the wave and ride with Google Wave.  Though it had a variety of features including photo sharing, threaded messages, and instant messaging capabilities, users never really caught on to all it have to offer. 

There’s quite a lengthy list as you can see from the PC World article below:

I’m not sure if I can describe Wave in one coherent sentence. It:

I’m not sure if I can describe Wave in one coherent sentence. It:

  • Is a service that looks like a rich piece of client software;
  • Behaves like sophisticated threaded e-mail;
  • Acts like IM when multiple collaborators are online at once.
  • Is one of the most real-time collaborative tools I’ve ever seen.
  • Has revision marking and versioning for workgroup editing.
  • Has instant photo sharing.
  • Allows its functionality to be embedded into blogs and social networks;
  • Can serve as a container for OpenSocial applications;
  • Has what Google says is a revolutionary spell checker;
  • Comes in mobile flavors for Android and iPhone;
  • Is an open-source project that lets developers write both Wave extensions (we saw one that grabs tweets and brings them into Wave) and their own servers (which can talk to other Wave servers).

I’m probably skipping or forgetting about a third of the things that Google mentioned…and I’m pretty sure it didn’t detail everything about Wave in the 90-minute demo.

Did you ever ride the wave? What were your thoughts? Was Google smart to “ax” it now?


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