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Benefits of Creating Your Own Social Community

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Virtual communities, they seem to be popping up like popcorn lately across the web.  While they are difficult to maintain and time consuming they do seem to have some benefits if one sticks with them long enough to reap the rewards.  These benefits include:

A growing audience. If you can get people involved they will tell their friends and your community as well as your customer base will grow.

A wider market. As a result of gaining this audience you automatically receive the ability to market virally through these new “followers”.  Word of mouth advertising after all is one of the best ways to advertise.

Keeping them around. The community aspect of your site will keep your visitors around longer than if you just have a blog and content.  They will get involved, interact, and stick around.

Sharing your knowledge. In a community, people often come there for advice, this is where you get the ability to share your knowledge and expertise and gain their trust, which will keep them coming back for more.


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