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Apps for Facebook

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Apps for Facebook

With all the new technology out there, and in all different capacities and forms, it wouldn’t surprise me if you hadn’t heard of Apps for Facebook before. Well, there are! You can add many different applications to your Facebook page. Listed below are some of the really great ones, especially for social media and business.

Chat and Video Apps: Adding video and chat features to your Facebook page can improve your connection with your audience.

Vpype and’s are both Apps that will allow you to upload live video for your page. Clobby is an app that enables you to have a chatroom on your Facebook page, thus allowing for live chat between you and your other fans, clients or customers.

Connect with Foursquare on Facebook: Once you’ve started your Foursquare account, you can install an app on your Facebook page that will show a Foursquare widget. This can also be achieved with several other websites, which can help you stay connected with all your social media networking sites.

Promotional Apps: There are many different apps on Facebook that can be used for contests, drawings and coupons. Some that are really great for this specific task are WildFire, Fan Appz and Virtue.

A video about Facebook Apps for Your Business and how to use them can be seen by <a href=”” >clicking here.</a>

Do you use Facebook apps? If so, which ones have you found to be successful?


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