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5 Social Media Misconceptions

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Social media have you stumped?  Most business owners hear the misconceptions about social media and get the wrong idea. I’d like to clear some of these up because honestly, social media can be very useful to the business owner.

These misconceptions include:

Misconception #1 Blogging is a tool. Not really, blogging is more of a marketing strategy.  Blogging can help you connect everything together, such as posting your Facebook, Linked In and Twitter links on your blog. It also gives you a place to share and connect.

Misconception #2 Social Media is all about the numbers. It really isn’t about how many followers or friends you have.  Think about it those on Facebook and Twitter who have 20,000 followers can they really be interacting and engaging with that many people? Not likely.  Social media is just like real life, its about relationships, invest in those relationships you are building via social media, whether its 20 or 200 or 2000.  Do what you can handle and you will see the results.

Misconception #3 To automate social media you have to use tools. Depends on what kind of tool you mean.  Social media automates your marketing many times because if you have truly invested in those relationships your followers will Retweet your posts , share your specials and promote you! In that way it is on automate.  Now there are also tools that will “generate” new followers for you. I do NOT recommend using those tools.  They aren’t being authentic.  You can however use tools such as Hootsuite or SocialOomph to keep up with and schedule your tweets.

Misconception #4 You need to be everywhere on the web.  Everywhere is a lot of places.  You don’t have to be EVERY WHERE but you do need to be where your target market is.  Find out where they hang out and join them.  Pick a couple places that your target market hangs out and be diligent about being there too.

Misconception #5 You Won’t Gain any return on your investment. Depends on what you are out to receive.  That may be sales, or newsletter subscribers or loyal followers.  Really determine what it is you are attempting to get before you say you haven’t gotten anything out of it.


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    Glad to know those misconception, this mistakes are common for some business that's why most of them have bad experience in using social media. But know we should study and learn first how to use the tools and techniques to avoid mistakes.

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