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3 Tips for Growing Quality Facebook Fans

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If you have a Facebook Fan Page for your personal or business venture, your main goal is to grow your fans, right? However, have you thought about focusing on quality versus quantity? Even if you have 3,000+ fans on your Fan Page, it doesn’t matter if no one is buying. Furthermore, if you have a load of Fans, how will you ever keep up with it all?

This article is all about engaging and gaining quality fans. The fact is five quality fans are way better than 500 non-responsive fans. Another important aspect to remember when growing your fan base, and depending on your purpose, growing quality fans versus quantity will take time, but it’s definitely worth it.

If you reach out to a fan, they are more likely to stick around than someone you didn’t try to engage with. By this I don’t mean spamming them, I mean just simple conversation. For a company, who has a lot of fans, a great way to keep them on board is to offer limited availability of some of your products and by conducting giveaways and contests. A giveaway campaign can grow your fan base in a heartbeat, as people LOVE to have a chance at getting something that’s free.

Here’s the catch when performing a giveaway: since it is a free promotional tool, it will attract people who only want something for free; it may not attract people who want to buy. However, it is still worth a shot and you may need to test and tweak it depending on the type of business you’re running.

Tip: Use filters: One way from keeping out the people who only want freebies, is by setting up filters to distinctly separate your contests giveaways from spreading the message of your brand.

Use Influential People Related to your Industry:
Researching people, their blogs, and their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts can do you justice when trying to increase your own Facebook account. Check out relevant people in your industry as well as your own fan base and see who may be an asset to increasing your own growth. These people who remain active on their own accounts may have a large fan base themselves, whose interests may be in the same area, so start with their fans and spread the word.

Influential People Exclusive Promotion:
A great way to combine the tips above, creating a featured exclusive promotion for only those who you have deemed influential in growing your Facebook Fan Page, may be a great suggestion. An example of this would be to create a digital gift card that has an exclusive code. You could present those who you think are influential and have been instrumental in your fan base increase, with the card (that has limited usage). They can then present it to those in their network that would be of interest to your company. The code/card would only be redeemable on your Facebook page until expiration.

I’m sure there are many more promotional tools and strategies to grow a quality Facebook Fan Page, but those above can be very helpful. In your experience, what have you used to get quality fans and followers?


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