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2008 Online word of the year Networking. Would you Agree?

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Networking is used in every aspect of the world today: job search network, office network, supplier network, offline network, online networking, social media networking, church network, friend network, school network, dating network, ect…. What networks are you a part of?

So what is this word networking and what does it mean to you and your business. Social Media Networking

Networking loosely means: Using the contacts made in business for the purpose of growing your business. This doesn’t exclusively mean customer, client and supplier. What about equals in your niche, what about companies that compliment your niche or service, and potential clients based on target market analysis.

Networking has really grown over the years and can be easy and hard all at the same time. Through social media is where the networking takes place these days. While all or almost all social media sites are free to use they can be time consuming. The idea is you need to participate reasonably often, don’t just register and post one time, try to post once a day, once a week or once every other week, answer questions and get involved in discussion, keep your profile current and support others and you can establish yourself as a trusted name in your niche.

The big focus online is the growth of social media networking and the benefits it can have to your business. These networks are great places to find new customers and keep the current ones up to date and “You” on their mind, while giving your business a personal touch. These sites can be used to talk about you or talk for you – that is a choice that is yours to make.

There are many different areas of social media networking to delve into. Blogging (posting, reading and commenting), Micro-blogging (posting, reading, linking, commenting), bookmarking, social networking sites (profile management, posting, reading linking, commenting, friending), video networking and the list goes on. I think you get the idea.

Who handles your social networking, anyone? Social interaction has the ability to provide a huge impact on your business without busting the budget. Do you have the skills, time and knowledge to do this yourself? Maybe a Social Media Virtual Assistant could be the assistance you need.


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