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10 Most Effective Ways to Increase Your Fan Numbers on Facebook

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In the world of social media, it is clear that Facebook is the champion. There are nearly 900 million people using Facebook today and it is being used by a wide range of demographics. No matter what your target audience is for your business, you can be sure that they are going to be found on Facebook.

For this reason, it is important for your company to maintain a strong presence on the social networking giant. Building up your fan base can take time, but the rewards are more than worth it! When you do it the right way, Facebook can give you a totally free and effective advertising tool.

Here are ten of the most effective ways to increase the number of fans on the Facebook Pages for your company:

Channel your existing traffic.

When you are first starting with your Facebook pages, you can turn to sources where you already have steady traffic in order to direct them to your social media sites. This can be from your blog readers, your email lists, or followers on other social networks. By promoting your page to people who are already following you elsewhere, you can quickly see an increase of your Facebook fans.

Offer an incentive.

People want to know that, if they go to your page, there’s going to be something worth their while. You have to give them a reason to stick around. Offer a free sample or coupons for their next purchase. When you give your fans a little something, you will create interest and trust.

Encourage interaction.

People love to interact on Facebook. Through engagement, you can increase your viral reach, which is important in growing your page. When you interact with your fans, you want to be conversational in your tone. Always have a call-to-action in your posts to encourage comments, shares and likes. Update your posts during peak times.

Learn what works best.

As your audience continues to grow, you should be updating your page regularly, about one or two times a day. This will allow you to see what types of posts get the most response and what ones get the least. Then you can focus on posts that are favored by your fans. You can see these post reactions through your face book Insights.

Give away freebies.

Promotions are a great way to generate interest in a brand. People love to interact and participate, and that is especially true when there is a prize to be had. Hold a contest that encourages people to interact, such as a caption contest. Offer one of your own products or services as the prize.

Get referrals and recommendations.

By partnering up with other companies who complement your business, you can receive tons of referral traffic. You can simply request that they promote you on their own site and return the favor.

Work with bloggers.

There are bound to be tons of bloggers out there who write about your niche market. By partnering up with bloggers, you will have other people with their own audiences promoting your brand. Reach out and form a relationship with some of the bloggers in your niche and encourage an interaction between you.

Host in-person events.

If you have a physical store, hold a special event and invite your followers. Take plenty of pictures and when you add them to Facebook, tag the attendees. Each person that gets tagged in your photos will be sent a notification and that will further the interaction.

Friend-request your customers.

This is a good tactic for small and medium-sized businesses. It creates a personal bond with your customers. Keep a list of your customers and try to find them on Facebook and send them a friend request.

Promotions that go viral.

When you have a promotion that goes viral, it will have a far greater reach. Your fans will share with the people on their friends list and the word will spread. When you get friends of fans involved, there’s no telling how far the promotion can spread and increase your fan base.

What do you do to add to your Facebook fan numbers? What have you discovered works the best? Share with us!


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