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Twitter Cracks Down on Advertising

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We’ve all seen them the sponsored tweets, the constant ads, you may have even though about joining one of these ad groups to ad an income stream to the time you spend on Twitter.  Whether you’ve tried it or not, or you like it or not, things are changing.  Those third party ads you’ve been seeing from places like “Sponsored Tweets” won’t be allowed anymore.  Twitter is taking back control of their territory.  They’ve created Promoted Tweets which will allow users to get paid to tweet certain ads. 

There may be varied opinions on this news, but most respect the fact that Twitter is finally taking control of their own space.  Many of us are glad that the ads will like be reduced in quantity.

Fortunately, as business owners this doesn’t change what we can do on Twitter, we can still tweet our specials, our latest blog posts, share  our Amazon affiliate links and basically “promote” ourselves we just can’t use any other third party ad service other than Twitter’s itself.


  • Michael Hopfner

    sounds like they want to keep the leverage for themselves. You can promote/tweet your stuff but you can only use us

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