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5 Fabulous Marketing Tips for Using Twitter and Google Search

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Using Twitter Search in your social media campaign can be a very useful tool for marketing your business, if you know how to execute it properly. Filtering and putting the focus on what matters in your business is the bottom line and main objective when searching. Twitter offers a broad search feature at seach.twitter.com; however, if you are looking for specific accounts, their advanced search is much more feasible.

Below are five tips that will help you to combine Twitter and Google to better find prospects to market your business to.

1. Occupation Targeting:  For example, suppose your business is one that provides services to photographers and you search the word “photographer” in Twitter. What you’ll end up with is an absurd amount of results because any time someone mentions the word “photographer,” that will also show in the search. Overall, this won’t be very beneficial to your business. In order to get the results you need, start with Google. By using the Google feature, shortcut library, you will be able to create a search for Twitter that will reveal anyone with “photographer” in their real name or user name. When typing in the occupation or marketing word you’re trying to target, you simple add an asterisk (*) to get the narrowed down results.
For example: (Google: intitle: “photographer * on twitter” site: twitter.com).

2. Bio Targeting: Many times, searching for marketing prospects by their biographies will also do you good. Not only will it filter names and/or usernames, your search will extend to thousands of biographies, which will more than likely produce more results than just their name. This search is also executed through Google. (Google: intext: “bio *photographer” site: twitter.com).

3. Location Targeting: This is basically as simple as it sounds. Instead of looking for an occupation or service, you’ll choose to search by location. This form of search can be done right in the Twitter platform, (near: “Nashville, TN” within: 23miles). However, if you’re looking for something that’s more specific such as flower shops in Nashville, TN you’d want to head back to Google and search: “intitle:”flower shop* on twitter” or intext:”bio*flower shop” and add intext:”location * TN” site:twitter.com.

4. Sign Ups: Something that may be extremely useful is setting up your Google Alerts account to reflect those searches listed above. Your RSS feed will update consistently with the searches you’ve added to it, such as every new photographer that signs up for an account on Twitter.

5. Staying up on your industry: One of Twitter’s main features that prove to be very beneficial is the ability to share links. You may also add this search to your RSS feed so that you’re constantly being updated. This is what you do: Use Twitter filtered search and type in what you’re looking for, i.e. “photographers” or “small business” with filter: links. (“photographers” filter: links.) This will help filter out the things you don’t need, just don’t forget to use your quotation marks.

I’m sure you’ll find these specific tips beneficial when you are filtering and targeting your searches. Give them a try in your social media campaign, track your results and see if they’ll work for you and your business.  We know there are many tools to assist you with your social media marketing, and we’d love to hear about them. So, please share, what tools or tips do you use for searching Twitter? We’d love to hear about them!


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