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Why Use Facebook for Business?

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Facebook, it’s yet another one of those “Social networks” that everyone is joining these days.  Sure it was started by a college student, but it has grown leaps and bounds and is now a hot place for business owners as well as the college crowd. 
One of the things about using Facebook, or any other social network for that matter for business is the way that you go about it. If you think of it as a business tool, and use it as a business tool, then it can definitely become a great tool to use. It truly is all about how you think about and use it.

Use its applications and its features to your benefit. Of course if you’re using Facebook as a business tool, then you won’t be using the many fun and games applications or decorating your wall with tons of buttons and other cutesy items. You will want your wall and profile to be as professional as possible.

So think about this before you set up your profile. You may even want to set up a business profile and a personal profile as you know that you will most likely be connecting with many personal contacts on Facebook as well and may want to keep the two things separate.

With this being said, for your business profile you will want to be selective about who you “friend” as well. Keeping in mind what you are trying to do with your business contacts. One of the main areas that Facebook can be helpful in is creating new business contacts. You can do so by finding groups on Facebook related to your area of business, joining them and networking with their members.

If you do these things, remember your goal for using Facebook, develop a strategy and work it then you should definitely reap the benefits of using it for your business.

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