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Why Podcast?

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Podcasting is a topic that is gaining a lot of attention.  Formed from the popularity of the Ipod and the act of broadcasting because it is a means by which to distribute information either through a video or an audio cast.  Podcasts are a great way to share information with your target market, distributing it quickly and easily, but with an added benefit of connection, the addition of them being able to listen to your voice and/or see you live and in person, depending upon whether you do a video cast or an audio cast. 

Another reason that podcasting is so popular is that it gives the listener the ability to take it “on the go” with them wherever they go, by downloading the MP3 file and listening to them on their computer or on their Ipod or other MP3 player whenever they please.  This versatility increases the odds of a person actually making time to listen to your information.

An additional positive for podcasting is that like blogging, it is aggregated and therefore offers the ability to be subscribed to, making it even easier for an individual to access.  They can subscribe to the feed and from that point forward, the podcast or blog will be delivered to them, they won’t have to go looking for it over and over.  This instantaneous satisfaction will increase your listeners and readers.  Something that you definitely want.

Besides these practical pluses, there is also an emotional connection that takes place through podcasting.  Unlike reading the written word, hearing someone’s voice creates a greater connection.  You are able as a podcaster to input feeling into your words and allow your listeners to hear through the tone and sound of your voice and the use of your emotions exactly how you feel about a particular subject.

Podcasting therefore has many benefits and can be the voice that compliments the words you may have already written again and again on your blog,  in your articles, newsletter and other written materials.

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  • http://www.ritashouse.com Rita

    Excellent and timely post. Podcasts & videos are hot right now. Some of us don’t have that camera appeal, so must outsource, but I suspect you offer that too, right? I really like your site & services offered.

  • http://www.DAILYAFFILIATEARTICLES.COM Chaunna Brooke

    Podcasts and podcasting are gaining attention now and like with videos, these can also help the aspiring business deliver information.

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