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Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

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Social media marketing, do you have a plan? a campaign? a strategy? for this in your business.  If not then you should.  Social media marketing is definitely worthwhile.  It can do wonders for your business.

Why, you may be wondering?  I have three reasons for you to think about though I am sure, actually positive there are more than that, but this is just a start.

It’s relationship marketing. Social media is about relationships.  Via the many avenues of social media you are building relationships with others.  Relationships are important to your business and can be what make or break your business.

It’s viral marketing. Never before in history could you launch a marketing campaign simply by typing in 140 characters in a program on your computer and hitting enter.  But, with the age of social media, it’s actually that simple.  Twitter allows you to launch your very own viral marketing campaign in a matter of minutes and it has the potential to spread like wild fire, and go viral, via social media. 

It’s simple marketing. Because of what I just described above you may already see why I say that social media is simple marketing.  It isn’t complicated, it doesn’t have to have a bunch of bells and whistles it is truly easy and about being REAL, authentic and sharing with others.


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