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Why Facebook Shouldn’t be Your Only Social Media Presence

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When you’re growing a business online it’s important to make your presence known in more than one place. Social media is the best way to place your business in front of people so they know exactly what you do and what you can do to help them. There are hundreds of social media sites you can use to grow your business. Twitter, Myspace, and LinkedIn are a few of those places.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites online and it’s a great way to make your presence known, but it shouldn’t be your only social media presence. You may think having over 400 million accounts makes this the most important site to be on, but that’s not the way you need to think.

Facebook limits you on the places you can market your business and the amount of information you can share at any given time. You don’t want to bombard your profile with ads so it’s a good idea to wait until your ad rolls off the page to place another one. Think about it this way. If you were to place your ad on your profile page, depending on the number of other posts you have on your page, it may be days before you can place another ad on your profile. That shows you how long it could take to grow your business using Facebook alone.

There are a number of other social media sites you should use in conjunction with Facebook. Combining all of these together will help you grow your business and take it in the direction you want to see it go. You need to remember only using one tool such as Facebook is not enough when you’re trying to grow your business online.

Social media is a very important tool you need to use when you’re building and growing a business. No matter if you’re looking for local customers or those that are from other parts of the United States or other countries Facebook is a great way to go, but it shouldn’t be your only social media presence online. You must consider using other forms as well.


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