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Which Social Networks Do I Choose?

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Everyone says that social networking is the “thing” to do to market your business these days.  However, you may be wondering where to being and which social networks to choose to put to work for you.   If you’re not sure where to start the following are some tips for getting started on social networks and how to choose them.

First, you will want to determine where your target market is, after all part of the reason you should be networking at all is to interact with and learn about your target market, therefore you must go to where they are.  This will be different for every target market.  More small business owners may be on Linked In than on Facebook, other target markets may frequent smaller message boards or forums, while others may utilize Twitter.  You must find where your target market is and go there too.

Next, you will want to give it time.  Many times business owners make the mistake of thinking that social networking is a magic formula and will give you overnight results.  This simply isn’t true, social networking takes time and must be built upon layer by layer.  You will gradually gain followers and learn from and meet new people.  So, don’t be too quick to give up on a social network just because it isn’t paying off as quickly as you thought it would.

Don’t be afraid to try somewhere else. While giving a social network time to work for you is a good practice, you do not want to stick with a social network that isn’t working for you just because others say it is the “hottest site” out there today.  Be willing to do what works, not just what is popular.


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