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When is the Best Time to Start a Social Media Strategy

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If you have a business or you’re starting a business you may be wondering, “When is the best time to start a social media strategy?” or you may be thinking, “Am I too late?” or “Is my business even big enough to get involved?”  All of these are valid questions and what I hope to answer for you today.  Two very good times to start your social media strategy are:

Before you even launch your website or your business. Social media should be a part of your marketing strategy from the very start.  This will allow you to set up your profiles, get yourself established and start building relationships before you even have anything to sell.  Go ahead and link your profile to your website, just don’t start posting links until you are ready.

If you already have an established website and business, it is NOT too late.  Get started now! Start by grabbing your name and your business name on all the social networking sites.  Some common names may already be taken but try using your middle initial along with your first name to secure your name.  Make sure you don’t push relationships just because you already have something to sell.  Building relationships is important, so build now and when the time is right you can promote your products and services to your network.


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