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What Should I Share on Twitter?

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Twitter, it is the virtual water cooler, where everyone “hangs” out online and even the “go to place” for finding top news stories and information these days, but what should you really be sharing on Twitter.  As a business owner you want your reputation on Twitter to be reflective of your business.  You want to leave a good first impression as you will be making many “first” impressions as you are meeting new Twitter “followers” daily. 

It is therefore a good practice to share some of the following information on Twitter:

Share about all business related events, especially those that are held online or that others can join via teleconference.  You want to promote the events that you will be a panelist or expert for or speaking at, and or any you plan to attend for information purposes that you know might be useful to others.  Twitter is a great community for sharing and helping others.

Share about books you have read or are reading. Sharing the information that you find useful is important you never know when you’ll learn about a great read from another Twitter user and you definitely want to return the favor.

Share your blog posts and those favorite blog posts you’re reading. Twitter is a perfect place to “promote” your blog and especially those blog posts that you worked extra hard on.  Plus you also want to “share the love” and tweet about the top blog posts of your favorite bloggers.  It’s just nice tweeting!


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