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What is RSS?

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RSS, or really simple syndication, is the ability to publish and update specific web formats such as blogs, audios, videos, and news formats.  The RSS document, or feed, is syndicated automatically when it is updated at its source.

People can aggregate these feeds all in one place to allow for easy reading using a feed reader, such as Google Reader, or for audios, many use Itunes.  People use RSS feeds to read blogs, listen to podcasts, and view the news.  RSS makes things much easier for us than having to go to each separate location to read 100s of blogs posts or find dozens of new podcasts each week.

By simply subscribing to a feed we are able to bring all of the different feeds we want to read to one central location, saving us a vast amount of time that it would normally take us to locate and read each blog post or download each podcast.  What a timesaver RSS is to us.

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