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What Is LinkedIn Again?

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LinkedIn, it is one of the social media spots online that may not be understood or utilized by as many of us.  You may be asking yourself, “What is it anyway?” Well, the answer is LinkedIn is great for connecting with professionals and possible joint venture partners.  It allows you to “search” for business owners or those in business in any particular field that you would like and then to communicate with them about how you might work together.  You can also create “networks” and share your connections with others or benefit from the connections of your peers.

Don’t forget you can list your company on LinkedIn and utilize that answers section to showcase your knowledge.  You basically provide the answers to some of your peers most pressing questions and at the same time you are showing off your knowledge and creating for yourself an “expert” status.

If you haven’t checked out LinkedIn, or if you are not using it to its full advantage why not give it another go today.  Find me there by clicking here.


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    This is a great reminder to use LinkedIn, especially for professionals looking to network. Perhaps you can continue to reveal some of the other “hidden gems” found in LinkedIn for those of us who have only scratched the surface of the power of LinkedIn.

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