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What Does Social Media Marketing Entail?

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Many business owners may like the sound of social media marketing for their business, but they may wonder “What does it mean?”  or “What do I actually have to do?  Well, Think of it as moving your offline networking to the online world. While each company has to pick what areas of social media marketing to utilize. Let’s review the many areas of social media marketing.

a.       Blogging — yes it a common recommendation to have a blog attached to your website, but don’t forget about commenting on other industry related blogs.  This will help you to connect with others and give you conversation starters to make your first connection with them quickly and easily.

b.      Article Marketing – Writing and submitting articles is another way to use social media marketing and is fairly simple.  You simply write articles on the topics and information that you are passionate about, submit them to article banks and let them work hard for you.

c.      Social Bookmarking – Bookmarks remain there forever, allowing you to get the traffic from them over and over again.  You can submit your own information to social bookmarking sites, but don’t forget don’t just submit bookmarks for your own information, you will want to return the favor for others as well.

d.     Social Networking – It is important in social networking to have one to one personal interaction.   You want to connect with others on a personal level so that they will know you, like you and trust you.

e.      Video Marketing – Creating and sharing videos.  It is much easier than you might think.  Grab a webcam or a Flip Camera and  you can create a marketing video within minutes, upload it to YouTube and you have a means by which to share it with others.

f.        Seminars/Events – Hosting your own teleseminar or webinar is a great way to utilize social medai marketing.  Whether you create a  session for q&a, discussions, or you bring your expertise and share that with the attendees it is a great way to connect.

g.       Forums – Joining and participating in forums within your niche, gives you a place to connect with like-minded individuatls and share strategies, wins and loses, goals and motivation.

It all boils down to giving your clients, potential clients access to you and your information, building relationships and being yourself.


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