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What does it mean to be Social in Social Media?

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I’m sure that’s a question that has several different answers based on your opinion and what you’ve heard from others. Is there a true and correct answer for it? Probably not, but more than likely you’ll see the same answer over and over if you were to do the research on it.

The most popular answer to this question is when you make yourself known within social media. There are different ways to make this happen and most times it depends on the platform you use. Here are some examples and tips for you to use when you are attempting to be social in social media.

When you use Twitter as your social media platform being social means making posts and communicating with others. You need to talk to your followers and help them when you can. You can advertise your business, post articles, post blog posts, and many other things. When you’re social on Twitter your posts are there regularly, but you must be careful what you post and how often you do it so you’re not tagged with SPAM or you don’t lose followers.

Facebook is a totally different story when it comes to being social in social media. The communication line in Facebook is not as fast as Twitter but it still works. When you want to be social on Facebook you need to visit your friend’s profiles and make comments. If you’re a part of groups you need to visit regularly and make posts. One last thing to do is make several daily posts on your profile so your page is always current and active. You need to post non-business posts at least once a day.


It’s important for people to see you on the sites talking about business and non-business related topics. When you decide to grow your business through social media it’s important you make sure you’re social.


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