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What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

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Even if social media seems to be everywhere, there are still some of you who wonder… really. . . “What are the benefits?”  I’m glad you asked.  The benefits to using social media to market your business include:

Back links – Have you heard of backlinks? People always think social media is just about “marketing” your business. Did you realize that everytime you post a link within your social networks and the links in your profile all add backlinks to your website. Those links improve your search engine rankings which in turn allows you to show up higher in the listing and eventually bringing you to the first page of the search status.

Friends – Making friends with someone and then turning them into a customer is always a great way to make a happy customer.  Plus, you have a new friend.  Who doesn’t like making new friends?

Broader Audience
- Reaching out to a broader range of potential customers, while you try to target to your niche within your social networks this isn’t the end all be all, you will friend people who you don’t directly think are your target market and what do you know they become a customer.

Finding partners
– It’s a great way to find a jv partner or a supplier, assistant – people can find you by what you “talk” about so make sure you are talking about what you are looking for not just in a client but a problem you are having or a solution you are looking for.  You’ll never know what you might “stumble upon”.

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