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Web Seminar Invitation: Is your website potent… or just pretty?

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Is your website “just another pretty face”…

Or is it actively getting people to register for your programs and buy your products?

If you’re at the point in your business where you’re writing your own marketing, emails, website, and other promotional materials, it can be a HUGE undertaking.

From figuring out what you need to do first, all the way to making time to actually sit down and write the darn thing… it can be a Whole.


Of work.

And if the last writing instruction you got was way back in a junior year lit course… well, let’s just say Byron, Keats, and Shelley could stand to learn thing or two about writing for your business. (Look on the bright side: you’re in good company!)

Now for the good news (is that the galloping of a white horse you hear in the distance?): Stella Orange will show you how to make a web page that moves people to TAKE ACTION (whether that’s buy from, hire, opt-in, subscribe, register, or sign up with you!)

Join pro copywriter Stella Orange on Feb. 22 for: “Crack the Code: 5 Smart + Simple Ways to Move People to Sign Up, Opt-In, And Buy More… Direct From Your Website.” There’s no cost, and, if you know Stella, there will be whole lot of “meat” on the call… that you can put to use right away in your business.

Sign up here: www.stellaorange.com/crack-the-code

Plus, the first 10 people to sign up will also receive a “2 Heads Are Better Than 1” private strategy session with Stella Orange, to help you move one of your marketing projects closer to your goal. Neat!

Whether you’re a coach, trainer, speaker, business owner, or service professional, here’s what you’ll learn on the “Crack the Code” call:

• The secret skill to selling online—even if you don’t like to sell
• A step-by-step guide to writing a web page that moves people to TAKE ACTION.
• The top 3 mistakes business owners make on their websites.
• The 7 direct copywriting techniques you must use consistently
• Why amnesia is your friend when you’re writing your marketing
• What to do BEFORE you try to persuade people of ANYTHING
• Why knowing these strategies and techniques will make your sales process and the rest of your marketing so much easier—and you more open, generous, relaxed… and lucrative!

If you haven’t heard of Stella Orange, she’s a copywriter and teacher who not only knows her stuff—she’s also a lot of fun. And she’s a huge advocate for the copy you write being entertaining, uncommon, and well… real.

Ready to register now? Click here: www.stellaorange.com/crack-the-code

I’m planning on being there myself!

Dawn Pigoni

P.S. Even if sitting down to write for your business scares you stiff, be sure to check this out. You know you need to market your business to grow. Why not learn some ways to make it easier on yourself—and get a bigger response? http://bit.ly/gE3YV5

Please note: if you choose to purchase one of Stephanie’s promotions after attending her free training, I might receive an affiliate commission from that sale.


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