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Ways to Utilize Linked In To Promote Your Business

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LinkedIn is one of the few social media sites that really is about business.  Users come there expecting a professional site and professional individuals that they will network with and get to know.  It therefore can be a great tool for your marketing strategy.

There are several ways that you can utilize it and its features including:

The Q&A function. The Q&A area of LinkedIN will allow you the chance to share your expertise and in a way that it doesn’t feel like you’re being pushy or “know it all” people are genuinely seeking answers and  you can be there to provide your knowledge.

Join the groups. The groups on LinkedIn are a great way to find those people you are seeking to network with, whether that be colleagues you hope to joint venture with or potential clients and customers.  You can get involved via groups and get to know others.

Promote your blog and website. LinkedIn allows you to create updates just like Twitter or Facebook where you can share your latest blog posts or special.  You can also share on the groups you are involved with as well.


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