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Want More Interaction & Reaction On Your Blog – Part 2

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This week we’re going to cover tips for getting more interaction and reaction on your blog, after all that’s one of the reasons why you blog in the first place, right?  Here are eight tips for getting more interaction and reaction on your blog:

1.  Share your opinion. It is your blog you are entitled to having an opinion and to sharing it.  There is no better place than your blog to do so.  People are obviously coming there because they value what you have to say, so what not share with them your thoughts on the topics you are discussing.

2.  Foster discussion. Ask open ended questions, take polls, engage your audience in conversation, encourage interaction as much as possible through polls and comments.  A great way to get others involved is to share the love.  Find a group, away from your blog, such as in a mastermind group or networking group and agree with them to help each other out by commenting on each others blogs, this will help others to feel comfortable posting and they will follow suit.

3.  Make the post easy to read. Spacing is important when it comes to blog posts you want to make it easier to read.  You can also add bold or italicized text to emphasize important words or phrases.  You do have to be careful of overdoing this.  You don’t want the whole blog post bold or italicized.

4.  Blog more often. Blogging regularly is key to getting a loyal following.  Your readers will want to know that you’re going to be around and that they can continue to get the information that they have been coming to you for.  In order to do so, you may want to set up a bloggy schedule this will help to keep you on track and continue having loyal readers.

5. Interact. Yes in order to get interaction from your readers you must first interact.  Reply to their comments, answer their questions, let them know that you care.

6.  Appeal to your niche. You will want to make your blog as niched as possible, you can’t appeal to everyone, but you can appeal to your niche.  Blog what you know and don’t worry about what you don’t know.  Remember that you cannot please everyone and you cannot reach everyone.

7.  Be personal. You will want your readers to get to know you.  Therefore it is ok if you are the REAL you.  That is the only way your readers will come to know, like and trust you.  This is why sharing some personal information now and again is ok, it is even a good thing.

8.  Special features or columns. Creating something that your readers can come to expect and love is a great way to have them to keep returning to your blog.  A special feature or a weekly column is a great way to do this.  Choose topics or themes that fit your audience and niche.


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    Excellent article. So informative and to the point. Thanks so much. Im looking forward to reading more. :)

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