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WAHM Networking 101

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If you have been searching online for work at home opportunities, you have probably come across several websites, message boards and forums. These message boards and forums will allow you to meet and network with WAHM’s across the world.

Networking online with other moms on message boards is very easy! Find a forum that you like, register an account and post an introduction message right away. Let the other moms know where you are from and what you want to accomplish with your work at home business. The women you meet there will provide you with advice on how to start a business, information on a wide variety of subjects, employment opportunities, and they will be more than happy to lend an ear when you need to complain about a bad day.

Start reading other people’s posts – you will notice that there is a section where the poster can list their business website(s) or blog(s). Visit the different websites – eventually you will find a few work at home moms that have businesses similar to the type you have or would like to start. Send them a message and let them know you admire their business and ask for advice on how you can improve or get started in the same type of field. WAHM’s are always very helpful and willing to share information.

Keep reading and replying to posts regularly; you will find that people have questions about things you are an ‘expert’ in. By building relationships and establishing credibility, people will come to you when they have a need for the product or service you provide.

Seek out the services of other home based moms when you need help with something. If you have done business with a certain mom, recommend her services to others when they need them! Your work at home friend will appreciate your help and will recommend your services to other people.

Eventually, someone new to the WAHM community will seek you out and ask for your advice on how to get started. Take them under your wing and show them a few helpful pointers. You may not be able to pay back all of the mothers who have helped you with your business, but you can definitely pay it forward by helping others!


  • http://www.advantagevirtualassistant.com April Jones @ AdvantageVA


    Those are some great tips, especially for moms who are just getting started or trying to get started in a WAH business.

    Most of the support and advice I’ve received when I was starting my VA business came from other WAHMs and from other VAs at places like http://www.vanetworking.com which surprised me because you would think that these ladies would be your competitors so why would they want to help you?

    In fact, the exact opposite is true! Successful WAHMs are more than happy to pay it forward, like you said, and they love to help out other moms who are just getting started.

  • http://www.AffiliateMarketingProdigy.com Tara @ Affiliate Marketing Prodigy

    The key to networking on message boards is being helpful and not spamming the boards! People want to talk with others who have something to actually contribute.

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