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Utilizing Social Proof

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Have you ever thought about the way that social proof effects your business?  Social proof is really all about “influence”.  In today’s social networking  / social media loving society influence is alive and well.  We are all influenced by the crowd we “hang out” with even if this is done virtually.  Think of it as leaving your virtual footprint.  We also influence others in this social media world we live and work in.

That’s why you can utilize your social proof or your influence to promote your business.  If one person recommends your site or your services on Facebook, others are quick to flock to it.  It really is a good thing in this sense.  Unlike the negative peer pressure we all may have experienced as kids or teenagers, this kind of peer pressure can be a positive thing for us and our businesses.

Think about the social proof you WANT to be influenced by and do the influencing in and then set out to “flock” to those online communities that have the type of people in them that you are seeking to serve.


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