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Utilizing Social Media Part 3

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A couple of days ago we discussed a second way to utilize social media, via backlinks.  The first way was by using content.  Today we are going to discuss a third way to utilize social media, via social networking.  This is the main use of social media, is social networking, that’s because it is the part of it that most people enjoy most, interacting with others.  You can do so in the following ways:

Posting industry related information - Post this information on your blog and then share on Twitter, FaceBook and Linked In.  You can help to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Interacting with others in your community – Utilizing social networking tools allows you to locate and then interact with others in your field, helping you to establish contacts, create joint ventures and obtain referrals.

Sharing your events and content – Social networking is one of  the fastest ways to get the word out about an event, to share your content and to gain a following.

Don’t forget you can add video marketing to your social media marketing mix
– People connect with you on a deeper level when they hear your voice, so just think what it can do for you if they can see you as well.  Make that connection!


  • http://www.thevirtualasst.com Michelle Mangen

    I’ve been trying to get myself to where I will do the video aspect of your list.

    Once we get the right mix and calendar down it can be done much easier as long as we make it a priority and don’t let it fall to the wayside as we focus on our core services.


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