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Using New Scheduled Tweets in Your Marketing Strategy

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For Twitter Ad users, there is now a new tool that allows users to create a tweet and schedule it to be posted at a certain time and date- Scheduled Tweets. This is a service that has long been offered by third-party services like Buffer and TweetDeck. The Scheduled Tweets tool lets you create tweets up to a year in advance, making it a great tool for when you want to plan a strategy far in advance.

Scheduled Tweets can be used by marketers to set up both promoted tweets for a target audience and non-promoted tweets for brand followers. Now, instead of having to sign into another program, users can manage their tweet scheduling directly from the dashboard.

How to schedule tweets

If you want to start scheduling tweets, first you need to have an advertiser account. You can easily sign up for one at Once you are signed up, you simply click “Compose Tweet” or select “Tweets” from the “Creatives” tab at the top of the page.

From there, select “Only Scheduled Tweets” and then “Compose a Scheduled Tweet.” A box will pop up on the screen. Click “Scheduling,” compose your message and then select a time and date.

When you have finished setting up your tweet, click the “Schedule Tweet” button. A notification box will appear confirming that your tweet was scheduled.

What you can do with scheduled tweets

Having the ability and ease to schedule your tweets up to a year ahead of time gives you plenty of time to set up a tweet for a future event, such as an upcoming sale or new product launch. This is great for when you know you will be too busy to jump onto Twitter on the day of the event to make the announcement.

You can also share links through your scheduled tweets that let your audience find valuable content like videos and articles.

Maybe you have a large number of followers that live in another time zone. That can make it a little difficult for them to see all of your tweets. By scheduling tweets to be sent during the best time for those specific followers, you can be confident that they will get to see them (without you having to wake up in the middle of the night to send them).

Using Scheduled Tweets is also a good way to research the best time for you to send out tweets. Set up tweets to go out at different times during the day and then look at the results. If a tweet gets more retweets at 5pm instead of 6pm, then you know that the earlier time is the best for your tweets.

The new option to schedule your tweets is a great one for marketers. You no longer have to pay a third party to perform this service for you. This will make it much easier to manage your tweets for important upcoming events.

Have you used a third-party app in the past to schedule tweets? Will you keep using it now that Twitter offers the same service?


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