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Twitter Your World And Grow

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Many people look around for good marketing tools to help spread the word about what they do. Twitter is gaining a lot of ground as one of the most popular ways to market your online business.

Twitter is a combination of a chat, instant messaging service and a mini-blog, Twitter is a great way to gain a broader audience. Simply by being yourself and showing others what it is that you do via tweets (messages) and by word of mouth from current customers tweets, with that you stand the chance of gaining more clients. Because of this short and to the point way of communicating you have the ability to pique your potential client’s interest so that they will click your link to learn more. Where they can learn more about you, the service you provide or the product you sell.

If you find yourself in a position that you need to understand your target customer as well as keep up with various ways of marketing to those potential customers, Twitter is one of the most powerful and popular tools out there right now! This new type of network communication has been taken up by companies and individuals alike in recent months and for good reason.

Anytime something interesting is going on in your business, whether it’s a site change, a product launch or even a special post to your blog, use Twitter to let your followers know. As with any marketing tool, don’t just bombard Twitter with your links. Be personable and establish your expertise in your niche. Be friendly and observant to others as well and you’ll go far with Twitter.

When you are looking for a way to build your list and make your audience really sit up and notice you, you will find that Twitter can go a long way towards getting the attention your business needs and deserves.


  • jyl @ mommygossip

    Saw you over on Twitter Moms and at last night’s GNO. Thanks for leaving your URL for us to drop by.

    So, are you in business as a blogger or a part of the mommy blogger world or both?

    I find social media fascinating. We recently sold a business and I really wish we would have taken advantage of this earlier.

    Thanks again for joining last night’s soiree. Look on Twitter Moms in a few days for next week’s party date and time.

  • goodncrazy

    I like this article. I’d like to link to it for all the newbie GNO twitter peeps! It’s hard to find a balance about using twitter for marketing.


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