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Twitter is Beneficial to Small Business

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Many small business owners question whether or not Twitter, a social networking tool can really benefit them.  They just don’t get it.  But, in all actuality, Twitter can benefit small business owners in multiple ways.  Some of these include:

It is a quick and easy way to get the word out. Twitter speeds up the process of sharing information.  Gone are the days of having to draft an ad, get it listed, wait for the printer to print the ad, wait for the newspaper or magazine to be released and wait for sales.  Twitter allows you to put all that at your fingertips.  It is simply type out 140 characters and hit enter.  You can even put it on automate.

Reach the masses. With Twitter, networking just got easier.  You don’t have to wait for the monthly meeting, dress up and go shake hands you simple, chat, engage and get to know others via Twitter.  You can do it any day or any time of day.  It truly is networking at your fingertips.

Building Your Brand. By sending out daily tweets, you are giving your company a personality of its own and establishing that with all of the followers you come in contact with on Twitter.  It truly is a quick way to brand your company and get it recognized.

These are just a few of the benefits to using Twitter for your small business.  Need help with Twitter. Check out our services.


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