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Twitter and The Ability to Real Time Search

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Twitter, a micro-blogging application that keeps hundreds of thousands of people connected and at the watercooler of the Internet everyday, day and night has many benefits.  One of which is the ability to utilize its real time search feature. 

Using Twitter’s real time search features you can find out how people feel about anything from a news story that just appeared on the national news to who is bombing out on American Idol that night and the results of the search will be in real time, meaning the thoughts and comments won’t be from three days ago but from that very moment.

This is a powerful tool for marketers allowing them to find those who are excited about, bummed about or in need or a specific topic or information at the very moment they are feeling that emotion, needing to solve that issue or looking to book that flight.

So, no matter what your business is you cand find people that could benefit from what you have to offer by doing a “real time Twitter search” and then using it to connect with those individuals instantly on Twitter.  That is amazing isn’t it?  Now, go search and see who you can connect with at this very moment!

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