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Twitter – A Source for Backlinks?

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We’ve done it again, found yet another helpful use for Twitter.  Not only can you network on Twitter, sell your products and / or services on Twitter, but now you can use Twitter to create backlinks as well.

In order to truly utilize this you want to do what the Affiliate Classroom Blog suggests and follow those in your niche, to get those in your niche to tweet your links.  After all, those high ranking users in your niche have more clout and rankings than just any average Joe Twitter user.  You want to be picky about who you are getting to create those backlinks.

As the article states use a service like WeFollow to get the best results.  Here’s a some more info from the article:

” WeFollow is a website that is a Twitter directory of sorts. You can search by keyword and find Tw

itters who have identified themselves as connected with the query.”

“Now you have a list of people who are tweeting in your niche, and a count of their followers, including a breakdown of how many are new, so you can see whether their influence is growing or has reached a plateau.

WeFollow gives you a good list of leads people you should start building relationships with to increase your backlinks. You can start by following them, and check out their websites. Reach out to them; let them know if you like their content, or if you retweet their tweets. Once you’ve established more of a connection or pattern of communication, you can request a backlink.”

See, the process really doesn’t have to be difficult.  It’s definitely worth a try right?


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