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These days people can find out what’s the hottest thing of the moment up to the second, or at least the last five minutes with  It allows users to find out what’s hot right now, not a day ago, a week ago or a month ago, but within the last five minutes.  It’ll have you saying, “oh that’s so 5 minutes ago.”  But seriously if you want to search an engine that will have you up to the minute information on what’s being talked about online then why not use Tweetmeme?

With categories, including: Entertainment, Comedy, Gaming, Lifestyle, Science, Sports, Technology and World & Business you can quickly and easily locate up to date stories on hot topics.  So your information for your blog post or report will be up to the minute, not just up to date.

Twitter is taking the world by storm, why not make use of it?  Use it to find the most popular topics of the day to spur your inspiration to write a blog post for the day, after all we know blogging is up to date and works best for you and your business when you constantly add new content.  Tweetmeme can help you come up with new content by giving you up to the minute ideas.

You can also submit your latest blog posts to Tweetmeme.


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