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Tips for Getting Retweeted

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If you have been on Twitter any length of time then you have probably noticed the letters RT: in front of tweets often.  This is called a retweet.  Having your tweets retweeted can help to gain you more exposure.  But, how do you get retweeted?

Some tips for getting retweeted include:

Tweeting great quotes(quotes get Retweeted all the time). Tweeting interesting quotes is a great way to get retweeted.  A great strategy is to choose quotes related to your niche and in line with your way of thinking.  Be true to yourself when you’re tweeting quotes.

Giving your blogs and articles interesting titles to make people want to check it out. Catchy blog post title or titles that explain what your post is about are a great way to catch people’s attention on Twitter and get retweeted as well.

Providing useful quality content that people begin to trust what you post. The more reliable and interesting your content is the more likely people are to being to trust you and be willing to retweet your posts in the future.

Building a strong network of friends that will Retweet you. In order to get retweeted you need a strong network of friends that will retweet you.  You also want these friends to be those that others trust as well.  The stronger their likability the more the retweet itself means.


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