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Tips for a Top Notch Linked In Profile

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LinkedIn, the networking site for business and professionals is a great place to showcase your business and  your skills.  You can utilize LinkedIns many features to truly make your profile top notch.  Here are some ways to do so

Add Your Blog RSS Feeds to LinkedIn – This handy feature allows you to pull in your business blog posts right into your LinkedIn profile, giving you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise without having to double your effort.

Use our keywords up front.
As a business owner you should be aware of the keywords that target your business, use those up front on your profile. This will help others to find you, quickly and easily.

Create a personalized url for your profile.  It is important that you make your profile easy to locate and this will help you as well when you’re using it during networking it will be easier to remember.

Fill out your profile like it’s a bio. You will want to include past companies, education, affiliations and activities. You want to look as professional as possible. This is a professional networking site.

Don’t forget to select “full view” setting for your profile for better search engine indexing. Doing little things like this can help you be found easier by those looking for someone in your field or target market.

Write a personal tagline. This way profile visitors can quickly and easily see what you’re about.

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