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The Rules of Social Media Optimization

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With today’s Internet world constantly evolving, the rules are always changing as well. Social media optimization has taken the idea of search engine optimization and reshaped it to fit into the world of social media marketing.

Today’s social web is all about sharing. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare have changed the shape of Internet marketing. When you start looking to integrate social media into your business marketing strategy, follow these five simple rules to ensure your business hits the ground running.

Focus on Creating Shareable Content

A few years ago, linkability was the top way to drive traffic your way. Today, you can create content that people can “like” and “retweet.” Links are no longer the only way to draw in more customers. It’s all about shareable content, and the better your content, the more your readers will want to share it with the other members of their social network communities.

Shareable content can be anything from a blog post to a video, so get those creative juices flowing and start creating!

Make Content Sharing Easy

Tagging and bookmarking are only two of the many ways that Internet users can share content with others. Links can be added to profiles, videos can be embedded, tweets can be sent out, and hash tags can be created. Limiting the ways people can share your content just doesn’t make good business sense. To encourage people to share your content, it has to be simple. Simple enough to do with just the click of a button, requiring little effort on their part.

Reward User Engagement

In recent years, marketers focused on inbound links as the way to measure content performance. Today, the success of your content is measured by how much conversation it generates or how it engages customers. Engagement can be anything from comments to posts, discussions to sharing. These things are what matter on the social media web, so when it happens, reward it.

Share Content Proactively

Proactively sharing content used to be publishing content in a variety of formats, like video or PDF, and submitting them to a several sites. Now, there is so much more. You can create a slide show to post on Slideshare, documents that can be posted on Scribd. You can tweet about your content and offer embeddable versions. RSS feeds can help you syndicate your content. Being proactive also means adding your content to your own social media profiles and adding content to video sharing sites like YouTube.

Get Into the Mashup

The “mashup” concept is one in which people get to remix your content, add their own voice to it and toss in their two cents. This concept will be around for as long as there is content on the Internet. The best way to optimize your content for the social media world is to let others take a piece of your published content and use it for their own means.

There are several ways that you can help optimize your business marketing for social media. What types of things do you do to help boost your business through social media? Do you have your own set of rules when it comes to social media optimization? Share your stories, tips and rules with us!


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