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The Astounding Benefits of Video Content

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With the increasing popularity of websites, like YouTube, that provide free video hosting services, most websites designed with the 2.0 model are promoting the use of video marketing for anyone wanting to draw more targeted traffic to their websites. Videos are no longer tools used only by large corporations for their advertising needs. Now, many small business owners are utilizing this medium to help drive customers to their websites.
This tool, however, isn’t being used to its full potential. Here are all the reasons YOU should consider creating and using videos to help promote your own product or service on the Internet!

Grab Their Attention!

Today’s Internet user has a limited attention span. If you can’t grab their attention in the first few seconds, they’ll quickly move on to the next site. Adding videos to your page will help you deliver your message quickly. Videos are easy to watch and are made to entertain your viewer rather than strain them. All you need is a compelling video that holds your viewer’s attention long enough to make your point, and let it do all of the work for you.

You as a Recognized Authority!

An attention-grabbing video created for your website will show you as an authority in your corner of the market. A well-made video will increase your credibility in the eyes of potential customers. You will be looked to as an expert on your product or service when people are seeking out what you are offering.

Video Tutorials Make Learning Fun!

Ask anyone who’s tried to learn something from an oversized, over worded textbook and they’ll tell you that they’d give anything for a video version. Videos provide visual stimulation and are far more appealing. Users will take the time to watch a video on information that, when written out, they would just glance over. Using video tutorials on your site to show users what to do will decrease the amount of customer service requests immensely.

The Important Trust Factor!

When you meet a potential customer, they want to hear what you have to say. They want to see your face when you present them with your product or idea. It builds an enduring and trusting relationship between you and your client. Making a video will draw the customer in. They will want to better associate with you. Creating this bond of trust between yourself and potential clients will greatly impact sales.

Show That Gorgeous Face!

We may not all have the star-power of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, but customers still want to see your face. Creating a video screenshot for demonstrations is great, but impersonal. Customers want to put a face and name to a product. Letting potential customers see your face and hear your voice while you promote your product or service will increase your branding, like Orville Reddenbacher with his popcorn. It’s easier for people to relate to people. They want to buy from a real person, not a cartoon. Making yourself visible creates a transparency. Putting yourself out there shows customers the person behind the website. Buying from an unknown source can scare people into not trying your product.

You…In Your Very Own Commercial!

Television commercials have had a great impact on sales for big businesses over the years. With today’s technology, creating your own visual media has become easier than ever. Making your own personal, relatable commercial will speak volumes to your customers. You will be able to personally demonstrate your unique product or service for a target audience. They will see first-hand how the product works, what the benefits of your services are, how well it will meet their needs, and how easy it is to use. Creating a commercial of you and your product or service will build a customer’s confidence and make them feel better about buying from you.

Give Your Blog Some Life!

People are typically visual creatures. While many of us love to read and write, a video can oftentimes illustrate a point better than words alone. Blogs with video content can create more interaction between yourself and readers. Comments from your readers will draw the attention of search engines, which in turn will draw more traffic to your web page.
The key to generating a constant stream of sales is finding the right market place for potential buyers and putting your video right in front of them. Video hosting services, like YouTube and Google, have practically dominated this area. You need to generate a title with the right keywords, create an attention- grabbing description, and use the right tags, and then the traffic will flow to you.
There are several flash video production companies out there, like that makes creating your own videos affordable. Having a powerful video content on your website will guarantee a steady stream of targeted traffic right to your website.
Practice always makes perfect. Try out a few different approaches with your video content and you’ll soon find out what works and what doesn’t. You can come up with creative and effective techniques for your videos that will help draw your product into the path of many new potential customers.
Are you currently using videos for content on your blog or website? Tell us what you’ve learned and how it’s impacted your sales.


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