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Taking Advantage of Social Bookmarking

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Social bookmarking, what is it exactly and how can it help me?  That’s definitely a thought that has run through my head, what about yours?  The act of bookmarking things for myself and my own use sounded ok, even useful, but to share with others, “what’s the point?”

Social bookmarking allows users to tag, and bookmark items, then the items are stored on the person’s profile and can be shared with others.  Social bookmarks rank high in the search engines and can help a person to find information that they are looking for quickly and easily.  When you use a social bookmarking site, rather than a search engine to search for information you are getting a more targeted batch of information to look through.  These targeted items are also ranked in how useful they were to others.  The information found on such sites was already thought to be useful by someone else.

So, as a business owner, you can take advantage of social bookmarking by having others to tag, and to rank your information, your blog posts, articles, and other information that you put out there.  This will help to rank it in the social bookmarking sites and therefore it will be more easy and more readily found and utilized by others, increasing your credibility. 

So, how do you get started with social bookmarking?  Well, first you need to sign up for the sites themselves.  Top social bookmarking sites include:  Digg, Stumble Upon, Del.icio.us. Photo by NightStar


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GA4LGBJYWB4ZD3BNG4JTNLCAFA Erik

    Thanks for your article! Manual social bookmarking really works to improve your site’s ranking. Some of its benefits are:

    1. Social signals from quality social bookmarks. Google LOVES it!
    2. Get your site/url indexed in a short time.
    3. It is Penguin friendly as long as you don’t spam to HUNDREDS of bookmarking sites.

    You can outsource social bookmarking tasks at Fiverr, as there are plenty gigs that will bookmark your URL to 15-25 social bookmarking sites for $5. I would recommend one express gig from a seller named “norbwinslow” who manually bookmarks your URL to 21 PR4-PR8 social bookmarking sites. He also pings your site and share it on Facebook and Twitter (great to index and gain variety of backlinks).

    There are few great sellers too, such as ecnarret and fvchamp, but norbwinslow has provide more extras and bonuses, which makes a difference for me. You can also do it yourself by creating 20 accounts from high PR social bookmarking websites, and bookmark all your sites and backlinks ;)  

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