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Stand Up, Stand Out – Making the Most of Your Profile

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Almost every social media and social networking site has a “profile” for you to fill out when you sign up.  This can be one of the most dreaded tasks for some of us.  It may seem a bit redundant and tedious, but the results that it might bring for your business can definitely be worth it.  You never know who might happen along your profile and be impressed with what they see, providing you with a fantastic opportunity in return.

So, do your part by creating a profile that will make you stand up and stand out. You can do so by:

Using your keywords. You may have done keyword research at some point or another for your business.  Why let that precious time spent go to waste.  Use those keywords in your profile so that those people whom you are hoping will find you, well WILL FIND YOU!

Use a professional looking photo. Nothing says, “I’m not a professional like an unprofessional, terrible looking picture of yourself from 10 years ago.  You want an up to date professional looking headshot.

Set yourself apart. You can do this by having a personalized professional background.  Many Twitter users have these that are specific to their businesses.  Make sure your color scheme on your background allows others to read it easily, nothing too harsh or too bright.  Grab their attention in your introduction about yourself.

It is that simple, using these specific areas you can stand up and stand out!


  • Deb Lamb

    Hi Dawn,
    Great advice! You have presented some good and simple steps that anyone can do to increase their chances of exposure.

    I especially like the advice of using your keywords in your profile. So many people do not know to do that and as a matter of fact, I think I’m going to go back to all mine and double check them.

    Thanks for the good tips and keep up the good work! Make it a great weekend!

    Deb :)

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  • Dawn Pigoni, IVAA Member