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Social Tools for Blogs

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The other day I was setting up a blogger blog for a client (something I haven’t done for awhile). I had forgotten about all the applications you can add to a blog, blogger or any other blog. There are new social media tools popping up everyday. Here is just a sample of ways to promote the yourself via social media and your blog. 

Social Bookmarking tools – Sharethis or Addthis.
These  allow visitors to easily bookmark your post.  Making it easier will make your readers more likely to do so.

Find Tools – Social Follow or the multitude of social icons you can add to your site.
These allow visitors to find and friend you amongst the social networks.  You can also mention at the end of your blog posts every once in a while to follow you on Twitter or find you on Facebook or LinkedIn to encourage your readers to do so.

Facebook and Twitter Badges – Promote your Personal or Business Profile within your blog.

Subscriber Tools -Don’t forget to grab html code and allow visitors to subscribe to your newsletter/list.  Make these prominent and easy to find and utilize.

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a blog Be Social Worldwide can assist you with setting up your blog and adding the social app, links and icons you need to socialize your blog.

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