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Social Networking Doesn’t Replace SEO

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Social networking, your participation in the many social networking sites online today or maybe just your favorite ones is a powerful tool for your business, but the truth is it isn’t the only tool that you should be using.  In other words, it isn’t the end all be all, it will not replace other methods.  Including, SEO, or search engine optimization which is yet another tool for growing your business, building traffic to your website or blog and helping your potential clients and customers to find you.

No matter how much you participate in social networking you cannot replace what SEO can do for you and your website.  It uses the power of the search engines to send traffic back to your site again and again.  It is a form of promotion that is truly working overtime and is working for you while you sleep.  Obviously, in social networking you cannot be Twittering or Facebooking in your sleep therefore you can see why SEO is even more powerful than those things.

If you haven’t taken advantage of what SEO can do for you then you should definetely look into making sure that your site is optimized to its utmost ability.

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