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Social Media Takes Time

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Social media, it truly is a great way to market your business today, however, you must realize that it isn’t a “quick fix”.  It isn’t marketing that you do once and it works instantly.  It isn’t marketing that you can do only one time and leave it to do the work for you.  This is just not the case.  When using social media for marketing, or for any other purpose really it takes time for it to make a true impact. There are steps that must be taken to truly make social media work for you.

First, you must build your social media influence from the ground up.  It begins with making friends / followers. This happens slowly at first, possibly, but can move quickly once others begin referring people to you.  Either way you want to do this naturally, you never want to “buy” followers or use one of these “scheme” websites to “get a million followers” with one click.  This isn’t natural and just will not work to your advantage.

Next, You must build trust. It has been said that people will not likely do business with you until they “know you, like you, and trust you.” Trust is an invaluable part of business.  You must interact with and share valuable information with your friends and followers in order to build trust.  Once you obtain this you will begin to be an “influence” on them.  This is when they will look to you as an “expert”.

This is the next step, becoming an expert. Becoming known as an “expert” in your niche or field should be one of your main goals.  Once you’re known as an expert others will look to you for information and refer others to you for answers.  It is what you are truly striving for and a lofty goal to have.

Remember though each of these steps take time but are definitely worth your efforts.

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  • Juan Batista

    Nicely done

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    Great Article! Just what I’ve been looking for to share with my clients. Thank You!

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