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Social Media and Email Marketing Makes a Winning Combination

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Alone, social media and email marketing are good tools for any business. Integrating the two together, though, can really light the fire under your marketing strategy.

Sure, you want to link up your Facebook page and Twitter feed to your newsletter. It takes more than that, however, to really form a bond with your customers. You need to draw them in, have conversations with them, encourage them to share their opinions and stories with you, as well as with those in their own social circles.

Having tons of Facebook fans and Twitter followers doesn’t do your business any good if no one is interacting with your social media sites. This is where email marketing plays a major role in boosting your marketing strategy. The content of your newsletter will help start a dialog with your customers, allowing them to comment and share their experiences with other Facebook and Twitter users. By starting conversations through your newsletter, you will be driving more interaction with the users on your social media pages.

A great example of a business getting the most from their social media-email marketing is TeamBuy, the Canadian version of Groupon. They encourage customers to sign up for the TeamBuy newsletter, giving them a shot at the Deal of the Day. Those customers then share the great deal with their social media circle, who in turn will sign up for TeamBuy’s email list so that they, too, will be in the loop for these great offers.

The beauty of marketing with social media is the widespread interaction between long-time consumers and potential new customers. Whenever one of your members interacts with you on Facebook and Twitter, the members of their social circle will see it, and maybe be encouraged to take part as well.

When more new customers start to take part in your conversations, follow your Tweets, and become Facebook fans, be sure to point them all in the direction of your newsletter. Encouraging them to sign up for your email list by giving “teasers” about what’s coming up. As more people sign up for your newsletter, the cycle will continue to draw them in, to interact with you through social media, bringing even more potential customers with them.

Having a newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter feed are great for promoting your business. But until you start integrating them all, you won’t be reaching the full potential of your business marketing strategy.


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