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Social Bookmarking is SEO Friendly

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So, we’ve talked about the benefits as well as the rules of social bookmarking.  Now, let’s consider another huge benefit of social bookmarking, the fact that it is SEO friendly.  That is search engine optimization friendly.  Basically, it does some of the hard work for you, so why not take advantage of it.

Will Surren in a recent blog post has this to say about the SEO friendliness of social bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is vital in SEO thanks to the following reasons:

1.  Links will be directed to our site or blogs once web users have seen the value of our site.  If they have learned something new or interesting with the aid of our site, they can certainly link our site and promote it to folk they know who also will be interested on the goods we are advertising.  Thru this, we will receive more and more visitors and increase our ranking without doing much.

2.  Our site will gain higher ranking in search engines if it is being used by thousands of users in their accounts in different social network sites.  Each bookmark made to our site increases the renown ranking.

3.  To be on top list, we need to make our site is as interesting as possible to attract many web users.  Let us make the contents of our page informative by posting relevant contents.  We will use eye catching photos in our blog content or create entertaining title pages, if possible.

4.  Invite other contacts to bookmark your page and persuade them to do the same.  Know what sort of web users you need to target as practicable patrons.  If you are promotional products for women, minimize the quantity of invitations that’ll be sent to men contacts.  Be explicit when filling up the category areas of each services.

I think that truly sums it up perfectly.  Need help with social bookmarking?  We can help.


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