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Say “Happy Mother’s Day with Social Media”

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Social media has a way of connecting everyone, including us with our moms.  Especially if your mom is online, but even if she isn’t a big online user you can tribute her and then share with her how you’ve done so, broadcasting your love for her throughout the world wide web.

There are several ways you can tribute mom and let her know how much you love her on Mother’s Day, via social media.  These include:  writing a blog post about her, sending her a message on Facebook (granted she is a member), and tweeting about mom and how you are thankful for her.

Even if your mom isn’t an avid online user writing a blog post about her can be a great way to tribute on this special day.  You can even print the post out and give it to her.  Be sure to include a photo of the two of you together if you can.  You can also pull the post up for her if you have to, or email it to her if she uses email.  No matter what you’re showing her you care and sharing it with the rest of the blogosphere.  Mom will surely feel honored.

There are great ecards and fun things to send online even via Facebook now.  Use this as another extra way to show her she’s special.

Then, share your love for your mother wtih everyone by twittering about it.  This mom would like to say thank  you from one mom to another for being a reader and wishes you a very special Mother’s Day!

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