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Restart Your Blog

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As a business owner a powerful tool to have is a blog.  There are a variety of reasons why having a blog makes sense and even why it can benefit your business.

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Blog

(in no particular order)

Reason #1 : The SEO power of a blog. A blog, especially one run on the WordPress platform has powerful SEO or search engine optimization built right in.  SEO is what allows those potential clients and customers out there to find you via the search engines.

Reason #2:  Build your community. As a business owner you must get to know others and get that Know, Like and Trust factor before those out there are going to become your customers.  A blog is a way to build a community via comments, posts and answering the comments and / or concerns of your readers.

Reasons #3: Establish Yourself as an expert. A blog gives you a place to share in your own words and terms your expertise and will help to establish you as an expert in that area or niche.

Reason #4: An additional marketing tool. Many of us business owners spent a great deal of money investing in marketing, when a blog is a marketing tool that will cost you very little.

Reason #5:  Build your brand. Probably one of the greatest reasons of all to blog is to build your brand.  The community that you build, the search engines traffic that comes your way as a result, all of which help you to build your brand.


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