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Promoting for Free with Your Signature Line

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This is another post in a series of posts about ways to promote your business for FREE.  This time we’re looking at your signature line.

A signature line is good for more than your name. It is a wonderful place to “advertise” yourself and at no cost to you.

When you learned to write a letter in grade school, it always included a salutation at the end with your name. This ending in electronic arenas is referred to as a signature line. If you haven’t been using yours, you might be missing out on free website promotion.

Think of all the places that you are provided with the option of using a signature line:

• Email
• Forums
• Newsletters
• Text messages
• Social networking sites
• Instant messages

A signature line doesn’t just have to be used for just your name. Include your website information here. When you choose to have your signature automatically added to each email, text, forum post, etc. everyone gets to see and read it. Regardless of whether they are personal communications or business, your little personal billboard goes with them.

On forums, using a signature line is paramount. Most forums do not allow you to advertise, so this is your way to let people know who and where you are and what you are doing. As they see you more and more in the threads, they will take an interest and look for more information from you.

Don’t feel like you have to keep your signature the same forever. You can change your signature line as you need to in order to keep it fresh and alert others to anything new and exciting you may be doing. If you create a new website, feature that link in your signature line for awhile so others can click and find out what you are up to.

Signature lines can even be added to your mobile phones. This works great for text messaging especially. While most people will put personal signatures in their text message, take a minute to decide if your website would be a good fit for your text messages.

What are you doing with your signature line? If you are leaving it off, rectify the situation right away. It could be costing you a lot of free traffic.

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