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Pinterest Business Accounts Are Finally Here!

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Up until now, businesses had to create a personal account on Pinterest for marketing purposes. It was a good way for businesses to display their products to potential customers or photographers to showcase some of their latest prints. Nearly every business can find a way to benefit from the unique Pinterest platform.

Just this week, Pinterest announced the release of Business Accounts, which have their own set of terms and conditions as well as new promotional options. The new terms of service are more clarified. There are new widgets available as well as educational materials. There are also plans to offer promotional products in the future.

Business Account Terms of Service

The changes to the terms of service for business accounts do not impact the way your brand posts content on the site. What they do is clarify what your business should expect from Pinterest.

One thing to keep in mind when you are posting images to Pinterest is that other users will be able to modify and redistribute your content on Pinterest. That includes altering the links, captions and features.

Business Tools

There are three new features available to businesses on Pinterest. The first feature has been available for personal user accounts already and it is the verified websites feature. When a website is verified, there will be a red circle and checkmark along with the business URL on the profile page

You also have access to profile and board widgets. These display your pins in a specific way. Your business can add the Pin It and Follow buttons to your business website.

A business portal is also available in order to help your company get the most out of marketing with Pinterest. It even includes a section that covers best marketing practices as well as how to use the Pinterest brand and logo for marketing.

The tools and materials can make it easy for even the newest user to get the most benefits from Pinterest.

Paid Promotion

It has not been made official yet, but Pinterest has alluded to potential products and services that will help businesses better understand their audience. These can include paid promotional opportunities or even analytical tools that will make Pinterest an even more powerful tool for your business.

Creating a Business Account

It is simple to create a business account on Pinterest, either by creating one from scratch or just converting your existing account. You will go to the Pinterest business portal and choose to “Join as a business” or “Convert existing account.”

If you have already been using Pinterest, then you will notice that the interface is somewhat different when you convert it to a business account than when you open a new account. You will enter your industry or business type, contact information, page administrator, and how your company will be displayed publicly on the site.

Are you ready to set up your own Pinterest business account? What benefits have you seen from using the site to market your business?


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