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Paid Trends on Twitter

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Trending on Twitter, it has been sought after, eyeballs have watched it closely, and people have thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of seeing their topic “trend” on Twitter.  But, will it be as fun, will it be as highly sought after or respected if that trending can be “bought”? 

Twitter’s new monetization strategies now include “paid” trends on Twitter.  Basically, you can buy placement in Twitter trends.  Something tells me this will make the “lure” of Twitter trending a little less respected and sought after.  After all, is it really that great if you don’t have to “earn it” anymore.  It really isn’t because the topic is actually being tweeted about but more about the fact that the person paid big bucks to get it there.

Dawn’s View: I am not so sure that I want to see paid trends, I don’t have a problem tweet advertising, but paying to be a trend seems to go beyond what is acceptable.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  You decide, and share your thoughts with us below:


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  • Dawn Pigoni, IVAA Member